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If you are looking for a quick, fast and easy way to share your desktop with another user, then Ammii Admin is a great screen sharing software, there is a long-lasting installation and installation process. Not at the Ammii Admin. You do not have to install anything – open the .eke file and you’re ready fordeparture. Someone needs to link the needs to download and open the EKSE file to ID (function () {(‘application-side-page verification.’);}); Keep only the id number kliientePatlang user ID and click on “Connect” Estimates for the programmer The connection process is about 20 seconds from the momentAmmii Admin downloads for the first time the remote session says you are planning to use hybrid encryption algorithm (AES + RSA) to ensure that the connection is secure. This makes it suitable for business activities, kuunganishakva your clients further or distant connections, you can also sendYou receive files with a voice chat character that is suitable for those who just want to organize a friend or cousin Admin is the easiest, powerful and effective to integrate rural areas.

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