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The Gold, created in 1948, illustrates the history of the Hockey team, which on 12 August 1948 won the first Olympic medal in India as an independent nation. The same date reflects the 70th anniversary of the historic event. The history of gold emphasizes the emergence of India from the shadow of Britishism because he meets the British Hockey team in the field, this time as a nation only. Gold is an exciting storyteam that fought all the opportunities to bring nurturing, pride and respect.

The edge of the ship's Antarctic Circle is broken, away from all roads. Apart from this it is a young man who finds himself an observer in the air on his way and lives in the privacy of the end of the world.
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It does not get the description of the person sent to change, an affected victim who is afraid, who refuses to call it. In the next twelve months, theAll over the world there will be a desert cabin, wood, stone, silence and seaside.


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